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A couple of Dads with the same questions you have, trying to make the best impact on their kids with out completely damaging them! - honestly you're not screwing up as bad as you think. for more info go to or Facebook - Known Legacy Ministries -- Instagram @knownlegacy
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  1. Reebok pumps, Kids growing up, Eli and his worthless sons, How to not waste time because of past mistakes.

    Eli the priest in the book of 1 Samuel finds himself with two sons defined as worthless.  We dont know exactly how they came to be that way but based on the conversations Eli had with them thorughout the story we realize there was some form of passivity on his ...


  2. Fitted sheets, Jacob, Dad problems and wrestling with God

      The Dad issue with God from his father to his uncle   Jacob wrestles God   God gives him a new name   God changes us to who we are meant to become     Why the wrestle with God is important for all men:   God has ...


  3. Is Swiss cheese Italian? Raising polar opposite boys, Issac, Jacob and Esau and of course theres more Dad Jokes

    Raising boys who are polar opposites. Issac’s son Jacob and Esau were completely different and the guys share insight of possibly issues that caused the blessing to move from Esau to Jacob.  The guys talk about:   Understanding your child’s personality and passions   The value of engaging all ...


  4. Bill has his own laugh track, Travis singing like Ariel, The promise made to Abraham and how that impacted Issac

    This week the guys are talking about Abraham and Issac thorugh out thier lives in regards to:   The value of patience and trusting in the waiting   How Abraham showed his son the way to trust God ( Even though some of it was pretty intense)   How Issac took ...


  5. We got them jokes! Abram, his wife and the value of communication

    “If your dreams don’t include your spouse it’s simply a getaway”   Abram was called to great things but he was not alone in his pursuit and trust with the Lord, his wife was a part of the decision to be all in for the God.  This took ...